Bigger screen for SKR Pro

Hello everyone
The tft screen is tiny and I have trouble focusing on it either way with or without my glasses. Is there a bigger screen that will plug into the SKR Pro board and connect fairly easy without me having to write software/firmware. I don’t mind loading new firmware just not editing it.

OR a way I can send it to a pc/raspi so I could just separate it from the machine

You can use cncjs on a connected raspberry pi to control the machine. You can run the cncjs server on the pi, and have the desktop and connect to it from the browser on the same pi. Or you can just run the server headless (without a monitor) and use a laptop/tablet/phone to control it.

so I would need to connect a raspi to the board ? then connect via wifi

Yeah. I made a pi image a while ago called v1pi. But I haven’t updated it recently.

Thanks, I clicked on that link last night and never came back to say thank you. But this will work for me.

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