Bigger buildplate on MP3DP

I am toying around with tearing down my V2 and rebuilding with a 300 or 330mm build plate. Has anyone else done this yet?

Bill did, I am pretty sure, maybe even on both versions.

I’d be interested in doing that too. Maybe adding 50mm to the height too… Dunno. Mine is working great, but I haven’t changed anything in a while.

Bill who???

@billsey Hey Bill, are you the one Ryan is referring to that build a bigger mousetrap…I mean MP3DP?


@Ryan - Any chance dwg’ are available for the flat parts so I do not have to redraw from scratch?

DXF’s are up.

Sorry, I’ve been gradually catching up after being away for six weeks. The XL uses a 300x380 build plate, since at the time that was the largest heater element I could find on aliexpress. Other than needing a bigger PSU (I used a 60A 12V) to drive the larger heater the build was pretty straight forward.