Best way to create this sign

So I’m looking to create a sign similar to this:

My thinking is that I would print this in two pieces. The monogram letter with the background of the last name and then the last name as the second piece gluing them together. It seems like it would be the quickest option for cutting time. My luck with successful cuts hasn’t been great so this method would fail quicker. I’m open to other ideas if there’s a better way to do it.

I have a bunch of sections of 1/2 inch birch. My fear is that 1/2 inch is too thick to do each layer. Any advice on what the best wood to use on something like this?

Any tips for finishing it? If I want the top text to be white instead of natural, is there any way to do that other than having a steady hand?

I appreciate the help.


This should get you started.


That’s how I’d do it. Sure would be a lot easier to paint.

If you do decide to cut it all together, I’ve had mixed results with the firm foam rollers. With a light enough touch and plenty of slow passes, the paint doesn’t squish out or splatter off or run down.