Best Filament To Use

I was looking at printing this project. I noticed the preferred filament was PLA. I am planning on using this in my garage with fluctuating higher temps in the summer. When I have used PLA in the past I have had warping of my printed items. Has anyone used ABS as the selected filament material?

I have a Primo printed in PLA+ (whatever that means) since the Sep of 2020. It been sitting in my Texas garage with no issues for 3+ years. I did have to replace the belts this past Nov as they began sag within a day to 2 of tightening.

I’m in the process of building an LR3 also in PLA+.

I’ve read that the softening point of PLA is ~140F – I think if my garage gets hot enough to soften PLA I’ve got bigger issues to worry about… :grin:

ABS isn’t as rigid as PLA. PETG is even less rigid again.

ABS has di.e sional issues. It has a fairly high rate of post-print skrinkage, making accurate dimensions of your printed part difficult.

PETG is better for high temp applications in this regadd as it us much more dimensionally stable.

Both ABS and PETG have their issues with aspects of printing. I use PETG for the vast majprity of mynprinting now, but both my Primo and LR3 are printed in PLA for rigidity.

So far as I know, Ryan recommends PETG for high temperature applications if PLA can’t take the heat. It does come at a penalty for stiffness though.

I also recall a couple of other folks using PETG-CF in high heat … Not sure of the cost or wear/tear on the printer

Thanks for the reply. Much Appriciated.

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