Best cheap electronics for mpcnc/printer/milling/engraving All in one machine?

Hi Everyone. I’m from Argentina. I’m starting printing all the parts, and wainting for the tubes. I have a question about the electronics.

Is the electronics based on Arduino 2560 with 1.4 ramps sufficient? Or do I need something better? specifically, are value kits worth less than the 40 dollars that are available in Chinese sites?

like this:

Any kits in these values that you think will work better?

What about the steppers?




Look for a different kit, with 8825 drivers and the full graphic screen, also I tend to like plain endstops better than powered.

I stopped using them from all the quality issues we started to have so, the cheapest isn’t always the best bet. We were getting poor 5V regulators and drivers didn’t fit well and that were getting very difficult to adjust.

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what kit you suggest as best relation between quality and price?

Well, I highly recommend the one from the shop.

I couldn’t find any imports I would recommend or I would still sell them. Maybe someone will step in and have a recent recommendation.

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Rambo mini I would say. You can buy an inexpensive mega/ramps kit nowadays for $30-40, but they don’t have the same amount of protection as the rambo. Once you fry the ramps/mega/drivers (very possible), and you buy another kit, you could have just bought the rambo, which is a really good price on the shop. There’s a reason why the Prusa printers use them too…

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I tried to save money by shipping around for parts and it ended up costing me more at all the fault finding and replacing of parts.