Best bundle to make the coffee video

Hello guys, i’m looking to buy the bundle that the coffee video has. Would want a drill, 3d extruder, and vynil cutter. looking to make the whole set up.

All the bundles are the same, the only difference is that the printed parts are made for different pipe diameters. Depending on where you live, or what is available to you, is what you select as the bundle. The electronics in all the bundles are identical, as well as the hardware that comes with them. That coffee video actually has the older versions of the machine. It has been improved on in terms of rigidity, # of printed parts, and print time if I am not mistaken.

If you want a machine that can do everything, it won’t do any specific task as good as it could, or at least not that fast. It is sort of a jack of all trades if you want to do 3d printing and cutting you will find. Short z axis is good for cutting but somewhat a downside for 3d printing as your build size shrinks. Anyways this machine is pretty versatile, just build for your pipe diameter and print out the mounts for all the tools.