Besides the bundle, what other parts are needed?

On the Low Rider bundle, it would help if you could put a list of what parts we still need to buy in addition to the bundle. Maybe a downloadable parts list showing the bundle parts already checked off and the unchecked parts. We can download and print then check off as we buy the rest. Thanks–VJ4_xQ4ahxIuBhlDR1lsFOta7OSuaHiwIRo4F81g/edit?usp=sharing

Is a link to a sheet I have been using to keep track of my build, my MPCNC sheet is better but this one works

You can open then go to File, then Make Copy if that is of any help.

I printed the list of parts and bought the electronics and hardware package from ryan and laser cut my wood parts and sourced the tubes from a local vender. and that was pretty much it.


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Thanks Billy. Will this work for the Low Rider 2 also?

This was my build sheet from my LowRider V2

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Nevermind, I see that it’s for the LR v2. My work computer took forever to open it. Thanks.