Benefits of a Makita over a Katsu?

Hello all. Embarking on a Primo build in the UK, looking to produce a compact machine that i can move and store easily owing to a lack of space! Mostly for cutting aluminium and plywood for various engineering projects. I’m currently at the stage of sourcing all the bits.

So, the questions is this: I can get a Makita RT0700C for £80. I can get a Katsu curry special for £40. I understand both are common router solutions and the latter, although a cheaper clone, is a perfectly adequate solution.

But is the Makita better? If it’s more capable in some way I’m happy to pay the £40 premium - but not if there’s no discernible difference to the end result.

Having done a little research I think a difference might be in the speed control, in that the Makita might be closed loop and actually increase power to the motor to maintain the chosen speed when under load - and I think the Katsu doesn’t. Would this make any difference to the result in an MPCNC? Any other differences?


It’s been three years since I made that decision and I went with the Makita. Like you, I read lots and lots of tests and opinions. The Katsu seems good enough, but has more runout than the Makita. Trying to have a precise machine, this is a nono for me at least. :slight_smile:

One difference between some cheaper routers and a Makita is the electronics. The electronics in the Makita work to maintain the same set RPM over various loads. On the cheap(er) routers, the current is just scaled, resulting in varying RMP as the load changes.

One issue I’ve seen from UK builds is the 1/8" collet. You really want to use 1/8" or 3mm bits, and the Makita does not come with a collet for this size. By the time you pay for shipping and duty, I think folks were paying around $40 for just the collet. One post implied that the Katsu would take Makita collets, but I’m not sure.

Yeah, I paid 40€ for the collet, but it is worth it. :smiley:

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I had a Katsu, after a couple of hours the brushes were broken, after some sanding they worked for a couple of hours again. Then the brushes were worn out. Also the bearings were screaming like a couple of pigs just before feeding time.

Replaced the Katsu with the Makita, this one has worked many more hours, without any visible damage.

My advice: bite the bullet and buy the makita

Thanks all, Makita it is!

On the collet, what’s the deal with a 1/4" collet, are the tools just too large for the MPCNC?

You can use the 1/4, but you won’t need them as often as the 1/8 ones. I do use the 6mm quite often, but not as often as the 1/8.

FWIW, the last few endmills I have bought are 1/4" shaft, and vary cutting width fro. 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" so they all use the 1/4" collet. That said I do have a 1/8" collet as well, and the mills I bought from V1 work with that.

Thanks for the advice. Have found 1/8" collets available for about £33, but I might see how I get on with 1/4" tools first.

If anyone else is looking at this thinking about buying the Makita router in the UK, be aware that right now the 240V options is sold out nearly everywhere! Perhaps they’ve been discontinued…?

There is a newer version, the Makita RT0702. It is marginally improved, maybe that’s why the old version is nearly sold out.

That must be it.

I notice the 0702 seems to be double the price though, so I’m happy with the older model. For anyone in the UK that happens to be looking for one, I got it for £72 + delivery from HSS.