benefit for using smoothies board (or MKS sBASE v1.3)

I am planning to build the MPCNC with dw660 or Makita Router as my spindle, and I don’t see myself install a China important spindle anytime soon.

I saw that the smoothies board has the option to control spindle but can it control a router? Other than the control function what noticeable benefit I can get by using a smoothies board in a CNC?

I have a spare MKS sBASE v1.3, but I haven’t decided if I should put it in my delta and swap out the RAMP for CNC or should I just use the board for MPCNC?

thanks for inputs.

Most all boards can operate a relay or ssr for basic spindle control, there are also a few PID speed controls (and one in the works from here). As for the boards you have you probably won’t notice much difference, other than if you use a ramps or marlin based board we all have a bunch of experience and can help easier if you get hung up on something.

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