Belts supposed to twist in long tube?

Hi I am looking at the build part of the Zenxy and the belt routing in the pictures seems like it’s twisted 90deg
From the output of the stepper to the corner idler pulley.
Is this true

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The first version of the ZenXY had a quarter twist of the belts so thst the motors could be mounted parallel to the table.

The second version has a half twist inside each conduit rail to keep the smooth side of the belt against the idler pulleys.


Thanks Dan.
I was in the middle of running them and didn’t want to do it wrong and have to go back all through it.
I did what you said and all seems to be fine.
I started the new thread just because it was so basic and separate from my build issues and my board issues lol.
I am so close now
Had some odd wifi issues but I will post those in the fluid pen board thread.

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