Belt Shortage

I am getting a lot of emails about belts being out of stock.

Since the Primo launched I have perpetually been owed belt by my supplier. I have ordered from a second supplier as well but I can’t be sure either will ship before spring festival hits.

On top of this the Primo recommended size needs 3M of belt. The average order has 6M, some orders are all the way up to 30M. Any time I email and ask about it I get the same reply, Just to have some spare. I sold about 15 Primo kits and that ate up my extra 200M of belt I had on hand in that same time period for primoi’s, upgrades, and orders for just belt.

So just a little note, I am doing what I can I might have some more at the end of each day, and I have several belt orders inbound. I might start canceling or urging a more reasonable amount of belt to orders with excessive amounts of belt. There is simply no reason to have more than 8-9M for either machine.


That is tricky. But it seems reasonable to limit the size. As long as you explain it will be capped until supplies return, which should be spring.

Maybe you could have shopify limit it port order and then have a note for people. You could allow people to order more of they email you or something. At least then the default is less belt.

I hate the idea that people could be not making dust because one of their parts is in my toolbox.

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Yeah it is pretty tough to make a decision like that, but last week I was sitting on 150 primo kits with zero belt on hand. I had sold it all, the next day my shipment came in. So I will make sure I at least keep enough to sell 3M with each kit. if I run out of extra so be it.

Tons of orders with 17M of belt and 6M extra, so 9M total. I think people are not converting feet to meters, also not accounting for the 3M that comes with the kit even though I have it mentioned in the item description and on the “add belt” pop up.

It is just odd, this did not happen before the primo 6M was about the largest anyone ever ordered, once and a while I would get a LR with 1-2 extra meters (international 5x10 builds?).

There’s always suspenders. 8^)



My most recent order arrived with Zero belts, and I was just informed the next order shipped, again with zero belts and non expected to ship for at least 4 weeks.


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Ouch. Don’t feel bad about limiting the belt, even a little bit. It didn’t take sams club long at all to limit toilet paper on people, and they got paid either way…toilet paper isn’t a component in anything else they sell.


Okay, looks like I have found a temporary supplier, that can get a larger quantity out the door before Spring festival. It costs 67% more and the shipping seems absolutely outrageous ~400% more.

So I what I can do about pricing, and limiting the quantities automatically in the store/cart. I don’t think I will touch kit pricing but extra belt will surely be more until I can get my regular pricing back.

Oddly, there is nothing in stock anywhere until the third week or so of Feb, so this is not just a me problem. There is one or two people on ebay selling short belts for $5+ per Meter…yikes.

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Yea, I had to order some gates g2t for my printer the other day. Luckily only one of my belts got screwed up.

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Kinda crazy, this is an actual belt shortage.

I wonder how many new printer/cnc builds are happening right now!!!

What madness where you attempting that messed up a belt?

New belt holder, for some dumb ass reason I trimmed the belt to get it to fit. What it really needed was more force. I have it temporary super glued until the belt get here.

Machined parts replaces printed parts.


Thirty two bucks!!!

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Microcenter does this with Raspberry Pi boards to stop people from buying all of them so they can sell them for exorbitant prices. First Pi Zero board is $5, if you want 2 or more its $20 each after the first one. They also did/do it with video cards too because of Bitcoin mining rigs. Then no one could buy one to actually use it for a video card if they didn’t.


Cross them fingers. I should have three large belt shipments inbound. If at least 2 of them make it, everything should be fine.

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Oooh. Pretty! :star_struck:

If you need belts in the US and A, we can ship from the EU, because prices over here are stable.


Do you have a belt manufacturer over there? Can you send me some pricing info?

As you can see it is 11,69€ per 10Meter, which is 12$ per 30ft. roughly.
Source is an Chinese merchant, shipping from an Amazon EU warehouse.
ShippingCost (I think it is 18EUR) into US and import duties on your end not considered.

If you like I can order some rolls for you and you pay it via paypal.
Sorry to have it in German Language.


That looks to be the steel belted stuff…no good. Even if it was the right stuff, what an amazon seller has on hand and what the manufacturer can supply tend to be very different. We go through a lot of belt around here.

I do have belt coming from three different sources in large quantities so I hope I am over this hurdle for now and will keep more on hand.

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