Belt calc question for RPM

Just want to make sure I understand what a GT2 belt means…2mm/tooth?
So, if I’m hitting 100ipm on a 16t gear, that’s 2540mm/(16t*2)~80rpm?

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GT2 is 2mm/tooth. I like to break it down even more (I make a lot of “simple mistakes”):

100 inch/min * 25.4 mm/inch * 1Tooth/2mm * 1rotation/16Tooth = 80rotations/1min.

Then I can see that the units all cancel out, except for rotations/min.

Look! We got the same thing :slight_smile:


Thanks. I did all the unit and conversions in my head, but that’s exactly how I did it. Learned that in high school and I’ve used it ever since. Came in super handy when I went back to college in my 30s and had to take a couple chemistry classes. It was kinda sad watching all the kids struggle and the professor saying “Well, you gotta think about what it is you’re calculating…use some common sense”. The few kids that sat near me did very well :smiley:

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