Being able to CNC and 3D print is great

I’m making parts to get my setup a bit tidier. There have been a few things that I was going to 3D print, but they were just flat pieces, and I thought, you know… it makes much more sense to cut that out of wood since I can do that too. I have a number of things that I want to be plastic, but will be much better cut out of a sheet of HDPE or something, rather than printing them. It’s so great having both options!

Heck yeah, I love my printed lcd cases with wood ends.

I have watched your tutorial on 2.5D milling, making that part, probably a dozen times now. It’s what I was watching when I made my interlocking foam box thing, and it’s what pops in my head when ever I see some of these flat 3D printed parts, and I think… you know, Ryan cut the sides of that box from wood. Why can’t this be cut from wood?

Awesome. You just have to put in more thought when designing something. You now have another tool, more capabilities, so now you can make things differently.