been doodling.

Still making little things for my MPCNC. I figured while I had my LCD enclosure printing I would play around a little in estlcam and doodle some picture with the pen mount on my MPCNC.

I really like watching it draw, quiet and clean, perfect lines…opposite of everything I do.

Yes fun to watch, you can really kill some time watching it draw. Just trying to learn how to used estlcam. I wish there were more tutorial videos on it. Is there a post processor for vcarve and marlin?

I have one linked on this page, I have not tested it.

Has anyone tested it? I may have to download vcarve desktop and play around, if it lets me play around for free.

I have been learning inkskape for everything. Nick Saporito has awesome tutorials on youtube, they don’t exactly show you what you need to know for cnc but if you follow along with his videos you learn the fundamentals that can easily be adapted.

The link is to a thread where we are testing it.

Just kind of curious as to your process. You are designing something in inkscape and then sending it to Estlcam and using the engrave function to come up with a drawing?

I just do a search for line drawing on the net. then I found a free site that converts jpeg to svg. then I sent the .svg into estlcam and clicked on engrave and then had to click on each line in the drawing to convert it so it could be drawn. Might be a better and easier way. But I’m new to this and that’s just the path I took. also if the drawing has tons of line you will need to make your cutter very small in the software or when you click on a line it will cover other lines and you will miss them. I set mine to .10mm cutter size. Have fun :slight_smile:


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Ryan, I downloaded vcarve desktop and did a tutorial on their wing spar. I installed Marlin_mm test5.pp. Everything seemed to run fine. I didn’t run it with a cutter I just ran it in the air. But at the end, the cutter just picks up and stops. Is there a way to edit the end script so it will pick up and move back or to the start position?

Thanks I will check those videos out.

I do everything in inkscape, save it as a dxf and run it in estlcam. The tool function depends on what I'm doing. Lettering is usually done with a V-bit and carve, cutting parts, inlays and pockets use the part or hole function with bits from 1/32-1/2.