Bedside lamp for the little one

A few years ago, I printed this nice lithophane moon for my son

Ever since, this has been sitting on his bedside with a small bulb tucked loosely inside.

It worked, but everything was free to move, the bulb would always slip out of the moon globe, and the globe itself would roll and fall (and break in one instance…)

I’ve been wanting to make a lamp base for this for a while now, and finally found the time to do it :slight_smile:
I also added a small pocket for his glasses

This has been cut in a beech shelf leftover I had lying around.
I was going for oak at first but all the stock I had was severly bowed

Very simple design in F360, but the CAM proved a bit trickier than I thought
The coumpound curve on the pocket runs in every direction, and selecting the proper faces and profiles proved a bit cumbersome.

After roughly clearing the pocket with 2mm stepdowns, I then switched to a round bit and made parrallel passes all along the length of the workpiece.
This took quite a while… 1 hour of machining just for this operation :confused:

The result is pretty satisfying though when your ugly staircase transforms into a nice curve :slight_smile:

I had to re-design a bayonet for the globe to sit on, this took a while too, but after a few attempts I got the proper fit and printed it in Wood PLA

Not too shabby by daylight too

Still waiting for the varnish to dry before I put it back along the little astronaut :slight_smile:


Perfectly proportioned and minimalistic. My cup of tea. Very nice!

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That is pretty awesome. Super custom.

Finally re-installed it in it’s natural habitat