Basic cutting tool set?


My new MPCNC is about 80% assembled (thanks to Ryan and others answering some basic questions with patience and tolerance :slight_smile:

Time to get ready by purchasing some cutting tools. I have a Dremel 4000 and a Makita router that I will be using as the milling device, and I would appreciate some advice on what cutters to buy to start with.

My aims are to Firstly:

cut parts for rc boats and planes out of balsa and 3mm or so ply

Cut parts out of MDF and ply up to 3/4 inch or so


Try some 3d carving

Make signs

Mill aluminium parts

These are the dream aims - as a beginner I figure I’ve got a lot to learn before I attempt some of these things and intend to take it in baby steps!

I’d like to know what cutters to start with…apart from what appears to be the ubiquitous 1/8" singe flute upcut…

V shape? Ball nose? most useful sizes? Downcut?

Are the 10 packs of carbides like these any good?

Just looking for suggestions on the first few tools to buy




The single flute upcut will do most of the work, thin stuff might do better with a downcut. Everything else is kinda specialized. Ball is mostly for 3D (2.5D) carving, V bit are more for marking and engraving-ish stuff.

depend on detalization that you want to mill probably it would be handy to have
flat single flute bits - 1/1.5/2/2.5mm and 3mm or 1/8

V-bits - 45/60/90 degrees. for PCB engraving - sharper, 10-20 degree

a few ball bits - R0.5/R1/R1.5mm.
for high precision final pass of 3d milling - may be sharp 7 degree v-bit with ball end R0.1

imho no need to buy 10 items of same tool until you really need it

I buy 10 packs mostly because Ryan doesnt carry .8mm or 1.6mm bits or the length I need. They work fine but are very brittle at that size so I go through quite a few. The kyocera bits Ryan caries are much sharper and last longer than most of the 10 pack bits I have gotten.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ve ordered a set of 10 1/8" bits via Ebay, I’ll get some quality bits once I learn how to drive my MPCNC. I’m now at the wiring stage having assembled my kit and build a table for it. Going away for Easter so will be next week before it is completed.