Basic and noob questions

I’m trying to build a sand table. But I have no engineering knowledge at all. It’s a basic question, but I’d be grateful if you could answer.

First, how do you make this? I will be making a circular table, and its diameter will likely be around 900mm.
But I don’t know how to program and I can’t build a machine. If you have any links for reference, please let me know.

And if there is a scara sand table made by someone, and I imitate the machine and program used there.
If the magnification of that table and my table are different, do I have to reprogram the coordinates?
(I know about a website called sandify, but I have no idea how it works.:sob:)

It’s a stupid question, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me.

In another post i have already answered you with a design that will suit your needs. A 900mm diameter circular table its going to he hard. But with a “scara arm” Wich is a polar based system should be doable. (You will need to scale the arms to suit your needs). Just do a quick search on YT for scara arm and you will find many detailed projects. In here the sand tables use a cartesian style so they wont work on a circular table.

Good luck, please post your progress

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We also have a square table available, ZenXY. If you have no idea what you are doing in any of the departments, this the easiest way to start. Scara can add some complications in the form of higher level math.


We have the scara math figured out in sandify. But designing a mechanism that large that also holds the magnet close to the surface without scraping is tricky. Maybe Ryan and I are just afraid of different sides of the problem because of our backgrounds :slight_smile:.

The ZenXY isn’t too hard. Certainly a lot easier than designing everything from scratch. But if your heart is set on a circular table, I’m afraid you have to get your hands and your brain dirty and come up with a solution. That is going to be a deep research project.


thanks for the all answers! i will post my progress soon:)