Bart Dring controller stock?

Just wondering if a new supply of these controllers might hit the V1 store anytime or if anyone has one they are thinking of selling off.

Asking for a friend :rofl:

The Tindie site won’t ship to Canada for some reason??

Bart also sells them on Elecrow.

The Tindie site also mentions contacting for international shipping.

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Excellent, thank. I let my friend know. Pretty sure he’s just placed the order.

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Your friend could also have just grabbed a jackpot… a few $ more, but commonality with your machines has to count for something if you ever help your friend trouhbleshoot…

Tindie will ship to Canada, but it’s spendy. I got an extra pen controller when I ordered the now retired version, and then bought one from Ryan when he unloaded them. (Shipped with my Jackpot.)

Anyway, if it’s just the one, I can pass it on for what I got it for.

I knew I should have asked you first…I mean HE should have asked you first - but I’m not one to…I mean HE’S not one to over-ask of his friends.


I’m okay contributing to Bart and Elecrow. I mean HE’S okay with it…

He may have started reprinting V2 even though he’s got V1 all printed already.

Interesting about the Jackpot. I just went right to the Bart Dring because Dan spoke so highly of them and how quiet etc. Plus it seemed like “just what’s needed” where the Jackpot would be a bit under utilized.

I mean HE went right to the Bart Dring.

This is gonna get tiring…I might as well just fess up. This is NOT to say I’ve convinced my wife to let me cut a hole in the dining table just yet but I’ll work on it. I may have a build thread already on this, if I do I’ll bring it back from the dead.