Bar top arcade

Designed a desktop arcade box with my low rider out of 1/2 birch. Came out pretty good, need Estlcam to overcut a little more in the corners to get stuff to fit better but it all went together and glued up good.

Reused a 24 inch monitor I had so its pretty huge, of well.




I love it I am always looking at the button sets online. I have a Pi already running retropie all I need to do is build a cool case. I am jealous. And the little guy is getting some quality game introductions, he is going to be forever in your debt, unless that is you and then dang you are our youngest LowRider owner!

Thanks for sharing.

Ha, yeah that’s one of the kids. That’s just the cheap $20 Amazon button set, working perfect so far.

Sweet. That is great.

I’m running retropi too. It was working great until I tried to get a bluetooth controller working. I managed to severely screw the controller config and now none of them work.

I need to reimage the system so it’s playable again.

Darrell, cool project . This is one of the 1st things I’d love to build. Was this your complete design?