Bambu Lab X1C

I recently got a X1C and an AMS, the print quality is high and the speed is impressive.

Anyone else got one? Or thinking about getting one?

I’ve been seriously considering buying one to supplement my Sidewinder X2. I recently discovered the HueForge software/‘printing method’ and would really love to setup a side hustle selling user submitted photo prints to people. The AMS would make these prints very simple as I wouldn’t need to monitor prints in order to swap colors manually. I’m still on the fence as I’d prefer a more open-source machine and figure with the popularity of the P1P/X1C, someone is bound to clone them for a fraction of the price someday soon.

How has yours been treating you?

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I’m planning on purchasing one at work. Have you had it long enough to tell how well the AMS keeps the material dry?

My X1C have been treating me great, the AMS combo is really nice and I haven’t felt the need to monitor the prints.

I am using eSUN pla+ and the results are awesome.

The first thing I printed on the X1C was 3x silica holders for the AMS. I am using a meter to monitor the humidity and outside of the AMS it says 35-55%.

Inside the AMS it says 18%.

This is for PLA and PLA+.


I just pulled the trigger! :partying_face: @waimea , so how dependent is it on internet access? Can you run it offline with full functionality? My company is pretty picky about internet access for non-corporate systems. I guess I should have asked that before ordering. :grimacing:

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I couldn’t pair my X1C with my router, I have a new router (not installed yet) so I am running it using a SD card with full functionality.

The print quality is top notch. Get the textured pei sheet and the liquid glue.

I am using a swedish filament brand that has premade profiles for their filament, otherwise I have printed with esun pla+ with great results.

Did you get the AMS as well?

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Yes, both the textured build plate and AMS. I’m excited. :grin: We have an industrial Stratasys FDM and I think the Bambu is going to blow it away.

I have only tried the 0.16 Optimal och 0.20 Standard settings. I could imagine that the 0.12 Fine and 0.08 Extra Fine settings would blow it away.

It is, however, quite loud!

I believe the speed is going to be the biggest advantage. We may print at the same quality/resolution but it will probably be ~1/3 the print time.

Only difference is that the industrial one has two nozzles (one used for support material) so the speed increase may not be as large with material swapping. But the Stratasys requires support material on all prints so that adds post processing time.

We’re also tied to Stratasys materials which is pretty pricey. My Bambu order (including 8 spools of different materials) was about the same cost as ~4 spools of Stratasys material. But the Stratasys is very upload and forget (near zero failed prints) so hopefully the X1 is the same.

What do you think after getting it?

Parts have been slowly trickling in. I plan on making some time to set it up after thanksgiving. I’ll keep you posted. :grin:

I just ordered a P1S combo. Should be here this week hopefully. Excited to give it a whirl.

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That’s good news. I haven’t tried the P1S but I would expect it to be awesome!