Ayuda Ramps 1.4 + TB6600

¿Alguien que tenga un esquemático propio de como conectar los TB6600 a la Shield 1.4?, he probado unos que hay en internet pero no puedo hacer andar mis Nema 23, quiero cambiar los a4988 por que hierven y me calientas los motores también.

I have no personal experience with external stepper drivers, but I’ve found some information researching various things. If I was wiring up this connection, I’d use an adapter board like this. I’ve also seen them cheaper on Aliexpress.

If you want to make this connection without the adapter board, see the More Information section on the page I link above.


Note how the ENA-, PUL-, and DIR- connect to the ground of the control board. You can identify the ENA+, PUL+ and DIR+ pins on your control board by looking at the pinout diagram of a A4988 stepper driver. You only need those three pins plus a ground.


You don’t even need the ENA pin. If you don’t connect it, the steppers are always powered and there are no surprises of them dropping on accident.

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