Axis play

Hello all!

I just finished building my Primo and now to the wiring.
Before I start on it, though, I noticed I have some play on both X and Y axis, though it’s more pronounced in the Y axis. I tried undoing and redoing the bolts on the clamps but to no avail.

Any clues to what it might be?

Thanks for the help!

Hey Bruno, this is a little vague. Where does it have play? The core? The trucks? Without the motors enganged the axis’ are able to move easily for instance.

Sorry about that. The play show up when moving one of the trucks by hand. Very noticeable. Even trying to push it from the tube results in some play, as in one of the trucks moves before the other one starts to move and follow it.
Don´t know if I can upload vídeo, but I’ll record it later today and try to upload it here.
Thanks for the prompt response, by the way.

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If the Primo is unpowered this is totaly normal behaviour. It’s not possible to clamp it hard enough (and you shouldn’t try) to make both sides move simultaneously while pushing only one truck. The other one will always lag behind. So don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. That’s the case exactly. I was thinking maybe I had to print new clamps or adjust something I was missing.


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