Awesome topo map

Freaking sweet


That is so cool! I tried once to get topo data and convert it into something I could 3d print. Didn’t have much luck and I’m sure it was my understanding (or poor understanding more like) of the steps involved. Someday I’ll try it again.

Jeeeezzz that is nice!

Made with these materials: padauk, hard maple and purple heart on a birch plywood

I’m going to have to try this. I have the bits just need the materials.


I sell these as key holders and other things. Really cool to watch, and it doesn’t take too long. Maybe 15 minutes on the workbee and 25 minutes on the mpcnc

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I managed to convert topo data into a printable model a few years ago, I’ll try to find the guides I used to do it later. Would be fun on the router!

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My daughter inspired me to give this a go in the weekend after we found a 3D model of where we live.

Here is our first attempt using a very basic single-edged 3mm bit on a 10mm piece of Pine. I was amazed that I could achieve this level of accuracy out of my MPCNC with such basic bits.

[attachment file=70125]

From the videos I have seen, those fancy rounded v-bits make a very nice finish, might have to add some to my wish list.


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