Availability of full kit?

With both the printed parts and flat parts still out of stock, I went ahead and bought an Ender3 3D printer plus a few rolls of PLA for a really great price. That should arrive next week. So, question: Are there any particular gotchas I need to be aware of when assembling the printer and/or printing my parts? Any advice based on your experience on how to get started?

I will also cut the flat parts myself, and probably cut new parts once the LowRider is working. Again, any advice for a novice?

Finally, I have put aside the price of the full kit - but any idea when stock might be available? And any idea on freight cost to Brisbane, Australia?

Thanks in advance,

I had LR parts available until this morning, I will have more tonight or tomorrow evening.

I should have shipping prices on the shop page lower links, $60-90 depending on how large your order is.