Auto tool changer??

Check out this new design by Gear Down for What!


Nice. I can’t see it with a DW660 for swapping bits, but if we had a spindle that gave stepper level control to speed you could use it for swapping bits on the fly.

This would be slick for everything but milling. I tried to put the smallest of printed parts on the collet and everything explodes at 30K. Some crazy multi-function stuff would be awesome to see. PnP, with laser soldering, fully automated? Please, I dare you!

This would be excellent for multiple pens (or chalks or something).

If you wanted this for milling… wait for it…

You could use multiple dewalts, one bit each!

I do have a second one on the way…

Oooo, I can see the nest of power cables above a row of eight DW660s of to the side… I betcha it’s dead simple to keep them from tangling.

No, the power comes from the arm that pics it up, using pogo pins or something. Maybe it goes directly through the magnets (Does running current through magnets destroy them? I feel like that’s a thing).

Besides, who needs 8 bits? Just a v bit and a flat bit, or a big bit and a little bit or a big bit and a round bit.

Maybe this:

The proof of concept actually works rather than just a lot of hand waving.

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Wow, he’s come a long way from the version I saw last year!

This is the main reason I really like the idea of using a brushless outrunners motor. You can install a hall sensor, and get accurate rpms through cuts, plus you get three position sensing. At least with the hall sensor I’ve seen.

The only issue is, if you cut a variety of materials, you may need multiple setups.

Er11 collets should run 30k.