Assembly - Bolts with no grip

So I printed everything for my V2 build. I went to assemble tonight and The first v-wheels seems not that snug, but may work out. They when to the last 2 on the trucks and 1 kind of tightened, the other had very little bite in the holes and would slip before you can tightened up the tension on the conduit… Ugh.

Last I checked the scaling/tuning of my printer were pretty accurate. Before I go down any rabbit holes… anyone experience these loose fits? I hate to have to reprint everything but I’m not sure I can add any “bite” to the current parts. Any thoughts appreciated.

Wrap some tape around the nut to get the fit right. If you didn’t get your hardware from Ryan you may have got some that didn’t adhere to normal standards.

I just printed my parts and have the same problem in some holes. I tried to add some super glue to the threads and let it dry to get a better grip, but it didn’t work. What I finally got working is shoving a toothpick point under the threads as I’m screwing in the bolt. Once the thread catches the toothpick, it provides enough bite to tighten.