Assembling and running - how long did it take you?

Hi guys!

So I was wondering how low did it take you, from when you have printed all the part, and gathered all the electronics and other parts, to assemble it, and running it?

It’s been a year since I have all the component but haven’t take the take to assemble it. I’d like to do this during the holiday vacation and lock down and I wants to know how much time I need to budget for this project!

Is this doable in a day? In a weekend?

Thanks all! :v:t2:

Electronics took me, all in all, without prior knowledge, maybe 10 hours. Assembly around 8, 3 of those trying to get the feet right. :stuck_out_tongue:

So like 18 hours total?
Like 3 days worth of work ?!

If you are good at crimping it might be faster. But that’s my rough estimate. :slight_smile:

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That’s perfect. I think I’ll start tomorrow, and see how I go from there!

Don’t think I have a crimping tool. Only ferrule and ferrule tool.

Do you have the wiring harness from Ryan’s shop? I think it removes the need for crimping.

Mmm. Don’t remember what I order.
Lemme check

This is what I have!

So I guess I have the wire kit from him.

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I bought the wiring harness… But still had to crimp, because I built oversize.

I also disassembled the whole thing a couple of times, because I changed my mind about a couple of things. I primed the whole thing, too.

Depending on how your skills are with various tools, the amount of time will vary, I put mine together in a couple of evenings. Preparation time was the largest part of it.

The things that took time were getting the steel cut, getting the MDF for the bed cut, and figuring out what I was going to do for wiring. I had things semi-functional in order to cut the parts that ended up holding the drag chains. Actual assembly was fairly fast, and could have been easily done in a weekend. I think that I did it in 2-3 hour per evening over a week, which allowed time for things like a coat of primer to dry. Also disassembly of the whole thing so that I could apply said coat of primer.

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Whatever you do, just get started. It is more intimidating than it is actually hard. Maybe start on an evening before your break so you can get the lay of the land and ask a question here if you need help.

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Good idea!

My table is already done. Using a table I made last year.

I’m pretty handy. Thing this is most frightening for me in the electronics part.

Steel is already cut to size.

1 day, but I had to make all my own wires. I do a lot of electronics work, so making wiring harnesses are easy for me.

You can get it up and running pretty quickly and then go back and re-run wires and make everything pretty later. Or you can take your time and do it right from the start, but take a few days to build it.

Burly or Primo? If you’re an “eat the frog” type, from a mechanical point of view, once you’ve got the Burly’s middle assembly and Z axis done, the feet and outside rails are a cake walk. Plus, they can be worked on in a limited space, since you don’t add the longer lengths of tubing/conduit until late in the process.

I haven’t built a Primo yet, so can’t offer any advice there.

I’ve been working on mine for… 7, maybe 8 years now? I’ve actually had all the pieces and parts since shortly before the Plague Times :plague_doctor:, but I have been lacking in time, motivation, space, and energy.

Still have “Update Ryan’s emoji set” on a list somewhere as well…