Assembled model?

@Ryan would it be possible to provide a monolithic stl of of the lr3 . I know you don’t release cad files which I get but a monolithic model of the complete unit would make table and accessory design a lot easier to get measurements from. Just a single stl with all the components fused would work for this.

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The biggest issue I see with this is that the XZ plates can be variable. They’re a different width if you get the milled aluminum or steel ones, versus the 3D printed ones, and that affects the overall table width.

The YZ plates are all referenced off of the inside surfaces at least, so there should be no issues there, dimension wise at least, but the XZ plates have parts bolted to both sides, in departure from most of Ryan’s designs. This is (I think) because the part was originally designed to be 3D printed only, ut was only later that it was modified to be a milled plate, after a couple of us beta testers had some alignment issues with the printed part.

I get what you are asking for, I like to have stuff laid out beforehand, too, and some solid measurements, but one of the things here is that the overall width of the project really depends on the desired cutting width, which will vary almost build by build (Which is what the calculator is for, really.)

Lots of people have modeled up their LR3 in CAD that I’ve seen in the build logs.


I think Dan nailed it here. The build for the first time is pretty variable. I do not have complete assemblies off all options, only one. I don’t typically design in full assemblies. It is possible something like this would cause more confusion that it would help.

I have a layout on the calculator page.

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Ok thanks for the responses all.

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I modelised my workshop on SketchUp for optimizing cabinets and everything places, when i can’t find similare 3D design for what i need i simply use a rectangular parallelepiped which represents the machine footprint. Visually not that satisfying but it does the job…

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Yep this is what I did on my LR2 when building my portable table but it was a lot of work with my limited cad skills at the time.

The LR3 should be a lot easier to model anyway as its all above the table unlike the LR2. Besides V1 machines get built in December at my house. It’s becoming a tradition.