aspire software

Down loaded trial version of aspire did not know what postprocessr to use tried different one no sucess. any ideas thanks.

There is a link to something that works on the Milling Basics page, at the bottom. Not too many use that software but a few have helped work me through the changes to get it working as I do not have it.

go to my website. I tried to upload it here but it won’t let me. This is a .rar compressed file of the post-processor you need. Good luck.

Went to try your Postprocessor and was asked for a user name an password.

[attachment file=“2019-10-04 08_02_04-Window.png”]



try now. I changed the permission for it to 777

It worked for me. You have to extract the file and install it. Sorry about that.

I tried aspire. I use Estlcam now. It lacks some polish but it makes decent GCode. I don’t remember which post processor I used. Estlcam is simpler (though not terribly intuitive).