Asking Permission from Manufacturers is OK

I wasn’t sure what to name this thread - I’ve copped a bit of flak from a couple of groups because I am in the habit of providing manufacturers when I upload a model which “improves” a standard component.

I’ve had a few really lovely replies, a couple of lengthy adventures and discussions about product development, and today a lovely phone call asking me if I could provide an actual print and do a bit of development work on the product!

Today’s object in question is just a much improved case for the after market cruise control kit fitted to the van (on Printables).

It’s amazing how manufacturing has changed in a decade, and how we take our knowledge of this new world for granted. The tech guy from the company (he’s an electronics guy) said they had a 3d printer a few years ago, but it was lost in a flood.

I don’t think printing is the answer for the volume they require, but with a simple scan it would be dead easy to produce custom form-fitting base plates to their standard units. The concept seemed to have them in a spin.

I’m far to busy for paid work, so will pass this on to someone who does this stuff for a living (and has a fleet of Prusa XLs as it happens) but it’s kind of cool to be asked.


I gather the shorter one from kit fell off, and you found a way to make that less likely to happen again!

Fell off six times previously just counting the screw holes, and when the previous owner lost the screws to the cover (which has to be removed from time to time to time to replace the battery), he just bored a couple of roofing screws through the lot, shattering the mounting plate in a few places, but patched it up with a bit of gaffer tape.

Mine’s a definite improvement! :crazy_face:

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That is awesome! Everything about it.