Arduino megas and ramps shields

From the biz I have a few boxes full of duds. If anyone wants to pay for shipping and $1 per piece. let me know. I have a few lcds as well.

I keep them around occasionally I take of components or experiment with them. The shields can be missing components,a bunch just have a bad mosfet, all sorts of random things that I couldn’t fix quickly. The megas sometimes will flash sometimes, sometimes just a bad pin, missing components, etc.

Most do not work at all.

If you want a specific component I can try and cherry pick but best to get two just in case one is bad. I can’t flash and test components so it is just an as is thing. I will do any visual checks you want.

Ohh… I’ll take a bunch of megas… how many do you have to get rid of?

I wouldn’t mind trying to fix a few of each either.

still got any avail if so hit me up ill take what ya got lol

Sorry guys I didn’t get notified of any of these posts.

If you are still interested let me know. I think I have 30 or so left.

Requested update. 22 Ramps shields left. Some lcds.

[attachment file=44263]

are any of these still available - I know its a year ago but see no response.



Yeah I still have some, How many are you looking for?

Hay man would you still have 2 ramps boards and 2 lcd’s , I’m looking to gradually building a lowrider 2 system and a possible upgrade for my 3d printer(Anet A8),


also is there a pdf or diagram for the flatparts for the lowrider 2 to download?

These are bad boards, as in they do not work. For parts only.

The DXF’s are available to download on thingiverse.

i know im good with a soldering iron though

ok cool for the diagram

Ryan, do you still have boards/LCDs sitting around? Let me know what sort of #s you have.


PS: Yes, I know they’re broken.

3-2004 lcd

3-full g lcd

23- ramps

15- megas

Sent you an email through the contact page.


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