Archim 1 wires

Do i need the jumper wires on the power input from B to C if im not doing a 3d printer. Its Just a standards build without end stops for now.


If I do what type of wire should i use? (stranded or solid, and gauge)


Lastly if I’m not wiring the end stops now can each motor be separate inputs on the board. X1, X2, Y1, Y2. I bought the board from here Do I need to change the firmware since its not series wiring.

If it moves it has to be stranded, it if is well constrained then it does not matter.

The Archim’s are not flashed (at this time) so you choose which firmware to use.


I am not 100% on this one, the rambo’s have a logic input, stepper input, bed input. I assume it is the same, but I can check this evening but there is no harm in you trying to add power one port at a time, obviously you do not need power to the bed port though.

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Ok thank you I will give this a go.

I found this picture on the GitHub for archim. here is the link Im not sure if you want to add it to the ultiMachine Control Boards page.

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