Archim 1 pin map

Anybody happen to have bookmarked a document that shows which pins on the board are what?
I bought this board from the shop a few years ago for a burly I think, but I’m trying to program it for my printer and I can’t figure out the pins, and I’m struggling to read most of the silk screening.

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Thanks Jeff. I found that, but I didn’t really understand it the first time I looked. I was hoping for something that shows the pin location on the board, like with a photograph. I found some for the rambo 1.4, but of course that wasn’t helpful.

At any rate, looking again, I saw that the j20 connector is numbered there and all I had to do was figure out which corner was the ground and count pins from there. Sometimes I can be a bit of a clown, i guess.

I figured out which fans and heaters were which, so I might be almost done.

You da man.

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