Anyone Looking for an LR3 in UT - SOLD


I currently have my house listed for sale in UT, and just went under contract. I am moving to MN, and don’t really want to worry about moving the LR3 and table. Message me if you’re interested and we can figure out a fair price.
Rambo 1.4
Aluminum XZ plates from V1
Corian YZ Plates
Makita 701C (Purchased in Jan)
Touchplate wired to 1/8" jack for easy use.
Cutting area is approx 4’x8’ utilizing a repurposed reinforced pingpong table.
Machine works great, and (as evidenced by the spoilboard) has been super handy for everything I have thrown at it.
I can also include a shop vac and double bucket dust collector.

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Alternately, if someone is just looking for a table, I would let that go for free and find a way to get my gantry out to MN.

but minnesota needs more lowriders…

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I just don’t think it would like the 1300 mile truck trip. I totally intend to either keep the gantry, or build another once I’m settled.

I drove a laser from the Wasatch front in a budget truck to the twin cities a couple years back… I imagine your gantry might make it unless you are hanging it off the back of an auto on a bike rack…

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