Anyone in the west texas town of el paso?

Morning yall!
I am coming to grips with the idea that the low rider was really what I want / needed instead of the MPCNC.
That aside I have a really cool (slightly goofey) project that we are working on where we need to cut some fun curves and patterns on full 4x8 sheets of ply.

  1. is there anyone in el paso that would be willing to let me use their machine / want to make these cuts?
  2. assuming I am building it myself, how long should the build take?
  3. and lets not kid ourselves. After the build how long till you have a fully operational machine?

Thanks yall!


  1. N/A (my Mom’s originally from Midland, but that’s as close as I get)
  2. Depends on how prepared you are (how many times do you have to go back to the store for something you forgot), how much you source yourself (how much research, tinkering, and fiddly prep work needs to be done), and what else you have going on in your life (how much time does your family or job really deserve). I’ve been working on my MPCNC for about… three years now. Some people have been making sawdust in a weekend.
  3. Depends on your definitions of “After”, “build”, and “fully operational”. By definition, about a femto-second after you finish the build, it’s fully operational. But in reality, it’ll take a day or three to make sure everything is square, secure, and tidy. Then probably months, if not years, to tweak it and yourself to really get the feeds and speeds down pat, and your CAM nicely optimized for your machine/workflow. Not to mention all the additional bits and bobs you’ll likely decide need to get bolted on…
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