Anyone else have a Nerdstation?

Here’s mine!


Yes it is my 24 square garage, but not going to give pics

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Too clean!

Just kidding, I’m only jealous :wink:


I’ve got my woodshop and studio also. My wife puts up with a lot… lol

Sold mine…

Mine is always a mess, the makeup of which depends on the project I have going at the time. It looks a lot more like a rats nest than a proper work area though… unless it’s all clean due to no projects going… but generally the same equipment minus a decent function gen.

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I know what you mean. I literally just cleaned mine prior to taking the pic. You should have seen it before!


I just have a 3dp, laser, soldering iron, PC, laptop, modem, parts bins with passives and sensors, bolt bin, few micros, game pads, rc parts, power cables, monitors, wires, and hard drives and various parts strewn about for authenticity. My bench is a 5 foot section tucked between boxes and the freezer in the unfinished storage room.