Anybody up for a 2x4 challenge?

Looking for a challenge to get my creative juices going.

Curious if anyone here wants to do a 2x4 (or whatever your local equivalent 50x100???) challenge.

Basically build something neat using a single construction grade piece of lumber.

Any interest?


Not sure if I can fit in the challenge but I am following along for sure. In terms of CNC starting with a flat sheet might be a better starting point.

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Sounds cool.

Jokes aside, got any examples in mind? Or any additional constraints folks should adhere to, maybe some constraints that make for accessible builds that community can replicate too?

Per Ryan’s thought above let’s make it a scrap wood challenge with any piece of junk wood you have laying around.

I have a bunch of 2x4 cutoffs that I’m trying to save from the fire pile but many of us have odd shaped pieces of ply laying around as well.

Only requirement is that you take a pic of the wood you are salvaging and the finished product.

Sound good?


Here’s my high quality source material:

It’s got a nasty bow, nail holes, and for some reason is covered in hammer dents.


If you start with firewood, then you are free to screw up because in the worst case… you still have firewood.


@Mcunn, make sure to model your stock to include any sawzalled nails. Well, at least if you are using you’re good bits, but definitely safety glasses either way.

Myself… I’ve been eying a 12" diameter 4’ long trunk from an old Japanese maple. It has been checking in the backyard for months waiting for a suitable project.

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Well it’s not sexy but my beaten up 2x4 became…

3 - 1x2’s

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Here’s two replicas of decorative scroll brackets made from 1 inch rough cut board end scrap with lowrider 3. The bracket on the right included a finishing pass with an engraving bit to approximate the effect of a hand-sawed piece.

And installed, at left side of dormer window:

The original stock was made from cut off remainders of boards that were used to repair the roof.

Next project - recreate 5 dormer window roofs along with curved molding.