Any mpcnc in the sacramento area

I am building an mpcnc. I have just finish printing the parts and I am working on the build.

Ciao Pedro

a me invece mi è appena arrivata la stsmpante 3D …

Inizio settimana prossima a stampare, teniamoci in contatto

Un’ informazione, dove compri il materiale per la stampa?

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Here are some of the pics from most of my materials. I will post some more as I begin the build. I am going to ask a lot of questions.

Although I am not quite ready for the electronics, what is the difference between rambo and mini rambo? My mpcnc is 24 x 24 and I am planning to use it to do 3d reliefs and hopefully one day to use a burning tool to do graphic engraving on acoustic guitars. Would it make a difference what type of board I use?

The full rambo has 5 drivers. The mini has 4. You only need 3 if you’re not doing 3D printing. You can use 5 to do dual drivers and dual enstops, but it is an advanced setup and some simple procedures can make it 99% unnecessary.

After you have a hundred or so hours of CNC under your belt, you’ll understand perfectly what dual endstops do, and if they are useful for you. By then, there could be some “new hotness” controller out there that you’d prefer.

Just as a point of reference, the MPCNC has had thousands of builds and has a great gallery full of successful projects and very few are dual endstop machines.

jeffeb3 Thank you for your quick response. I will order the mini rambo from here.

I was ready to order my parts from here and it only allows me to order two stepper motors only. I would like to order everything individually. I already have the printed parts, the bearings and the bolts. I am wondering if there are only two stepper motors available. Anyone.

I’m seeing that too. I wonder if there are only two left in stock. Ryan, take apart on of your machines. Pedro needs steppers!

I actually want to buy 6, just to have an extra one. I also want to buy end mill bits. I don’t think I am milling metal, it is just for wood.

Me and my supplier are out of stock. I am flying some in from China and I will not be selling them in anything other than kits until The next batch arrives stateside. Flying them in is very expensive. I am willing to take the loss on a kit but not individually.

Thank you Ryan. I understand.

I am in Sac. Let me know if you need help building/setting up. We have tried to cut all kinds of things with the MPCNC. Great fun.

My son and I have finished 3 CNC machines now and ready to start #4

I would love to see yours in action. I just received the electronics yesterday. I know it is going to take me a while to put it all together. Send me a message.

I finally received the electronics from Ryan. Thank you that was quick. I think it took three days from the day I order them.

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All I need is the five stepper motors I order from amazon and all will be complete. Now I have to get going and build it.

Ryan beat Amazon! Man vs. Machine goes to… Man who makes machines?

I don’t think I can message directly. However, you are welcome to come by and try it out.

email me:

I bought the large lcd screen from Ryan. Is there any place on this site where the instructions reside to connect the lcd?