Any interest in doing a Palm Router YouTube video? CNC or other?

If you are in the US and have already made a few Youtube videos, private message me with your info, so I can see if I can get you in.

I suppose if you have some other large audience and some other form of media let me know as well.

Looking to have some content ready to publish in the next 5 weeks.

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Man I really need to put out some more/BETTER videos so I can get in on this action LOL

You are the aluminium king, just throw your hat into the ring! :smiley:

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More like the “Aluminum Jester” at this point. I cant get anything to fully complete without a screw up LOL. At least I’m not giving up yet LOL

You would be ideal. You can just show an aluminum cut with two different routers. It being able to do it is awesome, if for some reason it is better…that would be good too.

I still have more to cut lol. Where can I sign up???


Anyone else?

I will tentatively say I can help. I’ve done a few videos for tutorial purposes. My editing style has been uber simple by design, but I have the basic tools to contribute if desired. I have 3 different palm routers as well that I have used on the mpcnc. If you are full up, I’m not offended.

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