Any good guides on how to add a DIY CO2 laser?

I know @vicious1 added a Chinese k40 to the mpcnc and said it was a bad idea and you should go DIY, or wait for mpcnc pro? I found some expensive kits and guides but it seems like it shoulder really shouldn’t be in the thousands range. Looking here and online I found builds but not really guides per say and yes I know im asking for a bit of hand holding when building essentially a death ray. Its manly going to be for cutting and not engraving so if a k40 can do do that well enough that might be all i need just on a mpcnc sized bed.

Here is the thread,

The k40 is neat. If you are going to try and make any money with it the k40 is 100% no the machine to get.

Have a look through that thread and see if you have anymore questions.