Another West Virginia Low Rider

I have been hanging back for a while reading and building. Finally getting around to sharing. Also should mention that I am currently printing parts for the Low Rider update. I started this build in in April and have been having a good time with it since. Went cheap on a few things. Used mild steel tubing from a local performance and race shop. Also using the harbor freight trim router.

This is my lowrider album.


Man, that’s all really nice! Digging the mirror, and the emoji! :lol:

WHOA! No more hanging back from you! Nice work, I need to add some of that to the gallery for sure.

Great work. I like the bassinet/crib.

Nice work!

Where did you find the poop emoji file?

For the text signs are you just using an end mill or v-bit?

mulze, I used a 90 degree 1/8" bit for those signs.

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Thanks. So for exampble, the Bowman or Lillie sign or the mirrors in the last photo used that bit to cut out the text?

Sorry for my confusion. I used the V bit on the engraved signs. The flat signs, like the “Lillie” sign, were cut using a straight flute endmill like this:



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Great thanks very much for the reply!

I shared this a while back via google photos, thought I would share here as well in case someone else wanted to make a poop.



I had coffee, thanks though.

Brian, How’s the HF trim router holding up? Thats the route I was planning on. Thanks!