Another probe question

Hi All!

I just managed to get my LR3 running for the first time!!!
Its a really amazing machine! I have the fluid NC pendant also up and running now!
Im not sure about the probing though. When i probe it goes down and touch the plate and stays there?
in the pendant i can then use the red button to retract if i want to but shouldnt it zero the z-axis at probing also? And maybe retract automatically?

Sorry for this newbie question :slight_smile:


My advice is use probing in your gcode like it is shown on the milling basics page for now. It will do exactly what you say.

Probing in the panel or dial means you rely on the macro others have set up and you need to remember to do it when running a job. When it is built into your file you can not forget to do it.

As for how to answer you question and do it with the dial…I have never tried. I am sure someone that has one will come in and help out.

Oki! that sounds like a good plan :slight_smile:
Im not sure really where to put the start and end code.
Im using Fusion 360

would it be better/easier to get the Estlcam instead?

yes, stick with that, it is drastically easier for CAM. The instructions are set up for it as well.

Yes, both the Webui and the pendant zero the Z axis and account for you probe thickness. Just be sure to enter the thickness of your probe or it will use the default setting.
Neither the Webui nor the pendant automatically retract. You have to manually do it.

Ok, i succesfully implemented the start and end codes into Fusion. It seems to work really well