Another "Moving" Thread

Made the decision to move to NC, have some family there to help us get settled/jobs etc. Kind of sad to sell or even just pass on the CNC business here, but it’s time to explore new opportunities, and finally enjoy some of the things you guys in the mainland take for granted (compared to us at least).


It’s quite far, but also an exciting prospect. Will still continue making stuff in one way or another, but probably more as a side gig as there’s probably considerably more people doing the same kind of stuff there. Excited to get materials like HDU and stuff at good prices and not having to worry about shipping.

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Shipping is now my biggest hassle, Sounds like you might be spending some money since shipping will all be “discounted”!

Probably! When USPS is not the only option, and don’t even have to worry if we’re listed under the United states to begin with, things start to open up. NC’s pretty good, and there’s a large makerspace there I can play around it. Largest in the south east I believe.