Another flag, just want others to see how well this thing carves


Very nice. What size is it and what bits if you don’t mind?

oh no, i dont mind at all, im pretty open.

flags are 11.25 x roughly 20 (american flags are 10/19)

I use poplar 12" boards so they measure around 11.25 wide.

i use a 60 degree bit for almost all v carving. Just seems to be steep enough to hide minor height changes but still wide enough to get things done in a timely manner.

These flags i do the stars and designs with the 1/4" 60 vbit then i do 2nd pass with a 1/4 downcut for the stripes. If i can get away with a 1/8 bit instead of a vbit I do, but this design didnt really work without a vbit. the 1/8 downcut isnt affected by minor depth deviations.

if you have any more questions feel free to ask


Thanks a lot Andrew. I’m still learning and want to be able to try flags at some point. I have family in law enforcement and would really like to make some gifts for them. :slightly_smiling_face:

i got some basic templates you could have or we could even do a video call one day and i can run you through some of it.

Very kind of you, thanks a lot. I’ve got to get my wife’s pantry done before I do much else but I will take you up on the offer!

wifes are the worse customers lol


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While I do agree, I’m admittedly afraid to like this post for fear the “algorithms” will somehow report it to my wife.


Management (wife) informed me that I’m not a slave… I’m a long term unpaid laborer that isn’t allowed to leave.


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Andrew- Nice flag! I am brand new and just getting started. One of my first motivations for getting into this was to carve stars on the union of my wine/whiskey barrel flags. From what I can tell in the picture you have some dimension in the pocketing of your stars from the 1/4" 60Vbit… That data point is already helpful as I really want to learn how to accomplish this myself. Would you mind helping a new guy out by sharing any other information you can on how to carve stars like that? i.e. what software you use, certain model, certain CAM settings or software to get the motion of the Vbit correct for the sloped angles in the star? As you can tell from my questions, I am 100% new to this! Appreciate anything you can share!

I use easel pro for all my flags, its honestly just simple and flags only need 2.5d carvings. I do all my design work in CAD (ive been using Rhino3d for 20+ years) and easel does a decent job of converting it to GCODE. When i first started i figured ide upgrade to a full CAM software, but what most people want is very simple and easel handles it well. You can use easel for free (no vcarve) and pro is only 155 bucks a year. There is not alot of thought that goes into what I do, the $$ is mostly in the ability to make a clean design from whatever crap picture they have.

If you give me the size you want, i can send you a gcode file with the 50 stars to the size you need.


Wow that looks great! I built a Primo in hopes of making unions and speaker baffles. I’ve carved some foam unions and made some poplar hold downs so far, and only carved into the wasteboard once.

This old Tony said he was suffering from Workshop Induced Financial Exhaustion in a recent video, sounds like my 3d printing habit.


Hey- I somehow missed the last line of your post on my phone before and am just now seeing your offer for gcode for the union- That would be awesome if the offer still holds! I’m not sure how easily what you have scales without being a pain, so I’m just listing the dimensions of what I had been working towards with the complete understanding that I’ll be grateful with whatever you’re willing to send!

Material: White Oak (my surface and thickness will be rough by design, all edges jointed). My goal was to emulate imperfectly chiseled 3D stars with the CNC. Best I can tell, my thickness varies from 25.1mm to 27.4mm based on measurements around the edges only.

Union: 7" x 9 7/8"
Stars: ~ 13/16"