Another cutting board customization

Former co-worker of mine was looking to get a cutting board customized for her father as a Christmas present, so I offered. Underpriced myself yet again… :slight_smile: But the end result was nice, and she was happy!

I asked if I could do the engraving on the back, so I could see about getting the right settings. As it turned out, I had to re-do the bottom text on the front, due to wood inconsistencies. The first pass didn’t come through very dark.



Looks good enough to not want to mess it up using it!

To be clear, I didn’t make the cutting board. Thus the “Paderno” logo on the back… :slight_smile: I just engraved it.


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And very well also a true guift

Very nice, is that laser or engraving? I see a crown rest in the logo! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got a laser on my MPCNC, and this was done with the laser. Works great for making crowns. :slight_smile:



Nice, I hope to get a laser on my Lowrider that’s in the early build stage. :+1:

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