Angled Pocket?

Is there any way to setup an angled pocket in ESTLcam so it gets deeper from one side to the other using a V-bit?

I’m starting on the Open Source Beehive:

It calls for an angled pocket for the entrance for the bees and another in the roof. I don’t know how to program that.

Anyone done this project? I’m going to have some other questions because the colors in the instructions aren’t clear and I don’t have enough experience to know how to open any of the models and take them apart to inspect the parts.

I don’t have a Low rider (yet) so I’m also going to have to break it up into 24x24" pieces. More waste, but it should be able to be done.

Many thanks.

Yup, it is best to have a bit at the same angle as the cut needs to be, the just follow the cut path and it leaves you an angle.