And then it went BOOM!

First attempt at a deep pull on my new Thermoforming machine.

All goes well till the Mold collapsed, then it went BOOM!

This one brought to you by depends! LOL

She has the suction, no golf ball is safe around a garden hose with this one.

Second attempt turned out much better!

This is out of 3/16 plastic, see no reason it will not do 1/4 inch or more. Most smaller parts are done with 1/8 inch ABS.

Later Spike


Wow, that is a beast!

I’ve been collecting parts to build a Hobby-Vac. Now I have Vacuum envy…

We sure got a scare, pulled perfect then BOOM and it lost all vacuum. I have a 2 stage vacuum pump and a 40 gallon tank for the surge,

very happy with the results of this build. Now to get this MPCNC built, printed parts shipped yesterday!

Later Spike