And so it begins... (with a couple of questions)

I’ve been following Ryan’s work since the MPCNC was released and I must say, I’m a big fan! I printed all of the parts out for an MPCNC last Christmas and gave them to my brother, but he hasn’t gotten around to building it yet…

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and build the Low Rider instead of just reading about it. (Only about 26 hours of printing left to go!)

I do have a couple of questions that I haven’t been able to get complete clarity on… Does someone have the cut dimensions for the steel tubing to create a full 4’ wide working area? Also, what’s the general consensus on tubing length for Z rails?

What is the current favorite way of building the Y rails? It seems like 2x4s/2x6s would be too wavy and subject to warping to work very well, unless I’m missing something?

Thanks for the great work on these machines!! I’m really looking forward to getting this guy running.

Thanks for the vote of confidence on all my creations!

There is a cut calculator linked at the top of this page,

Y rails are up to interpretation. The main thing is usually people use the large machine to cut all the way through sheet material. If that is your main use, the Y rails do not need to be very accurate. If you have another use you might want to pay more attention to how accurate you can make it. I honestly just slapped mine together on the flattest surface I could rig up just for the build, and it actually came out pretty good after screwing on a top and bottom surface.

I have been liking my torsion box. I still haven’t made any extensions yet:


There has definitely been success with tables that aren’t as “overbuilt” as the torsion box. If you have a table saw, and know how to use it, it’s really not that tough, IMHO.

Thanks for the tips! And thank you for your hard work and clever ingenuity.

Not sure how I missed the cut calculator. o_O

I won’t sweat the Y rails too much then. I suppose if it becomes an issue I can CNC a torsion box, or replace them with 2x2 box steel for the inevitable Plasma upgrade. :smiley:


Its alive!!

It is moving under its own power. Now to tidy up the cables and mount the controller (and tools).


Whats the current best practice for managing the cables to ensure sure they have enough slack to move, but don’t get run over? Cable chain?

The wires for the router and middle motor attach to the dust collection and ride in aluminum angle. That’s been working well for me.

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