And now the end is near

Started building right away… I started printing when the first models appeared on Printables. Almost everything is printed, exept the hose clamps. Milled the struts and even tried painting them. They are still drying though. I am waiting for the linear rails to arrive.

Some pics:

It printed right away, no problems or errors!

Some random parts partially assembled

What went wrong here? :wink:

And ther was a bridge

Test-fitted a strut

Painted the struts and plates

Can’t wait to build it all together!

So much to do…

My private mancave/goldmine/landfill/whatever you like to call it


Ohhhhh that is exciting! Builds are starting to finalize!

  • 2022-06-01 09:18

Clearing Customs

Custom clearance successful

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Guess what showed up today :slight_smile:

Just a little touch-up painting to do.