An idea

I haven’t looked at the much, but it’s really cool, and I might build one eventually. What I think would be kinda cool, would be if each morning, when I woke up, I could walk by the table, and see today’s forecast drawn in the sand.

Just a random thought :slight_smile:


Maybe icons that represent different conditions, sunny, partly cloudy, rainy, worlds on fire, etc…

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I love it, build it.

If I build that before cupboard doors I’ll be murdered


Maybe you could make each cabinet door be a different weather pattern. And then install some linear actuators and at 2am it would just push the right door open. You come down for your coffee and see which door was opened by the ghosts.


haha, I like it… I don’t think she will :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus points if they are really loud.

Mrs. Chad (whispers): “Chad! there’s someone downstairs.”
Chad (still mostly asleep): “It’s just the robot ghosts checking the weather…”


All motion activated. Also, turn on the sink if it’s going to rain, flash the lights for lightning, turn on the fan for winds, knock books off the shelves for strong winds.

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What do you do for alien invasion? Toss all the meats into a pile on the floor? :space_invader: :cow2:

My idea involved the use of anal probes and pyrotechnics but I think I like your idea better.

Preheat the oven for snow? Or for smoke? For snow might be actually helpful.

White noise on the TV for fog?

You don’t want to confuse anniver… wait… wrong forum again…

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For reliable forecasts you’ll have to fill the box with coffee grounds. Make sure you select only certified and approved sorts.

Make it a live YT show, that would make you a YT star. Wait, not.
But your better half could become an influencer.
Bad concept. Skip the YT idea.